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At Baltibañas we create handcrafted, handmade products of superior quality and with a high degree of durability.

Each of our products are made with high quality natural materials, they are designed, cut and manufactured one by one, to make them unique with a finish that distinguishes them from other products on the market. For this reason our main material is waxed cotton canvas, this material has properties capable of repelling water and in combination with bovine leather gives our product a final finish that denotes durability and personality.

Our style is defined by products that are timeless, casual, unique, original and with a very personal design. We transfer these same values to our customers, so that each one of them can feel unique and inimitable.

Our line of products is versatile and adaptable to different uses, most of them are suitable for both genders, because in Baltibañas we believe that if you like any of our items you can buy it without the premise that commercial fashion marks us of gender selection.

At Baltibañas we do not intend, nor is it in our plans to create fast fashion pieces where commercial fashion sets the trends, but on the contrary, we are committed to timeless fashion, that which does not change over the years, so we manufacture everything under the pre-order system, in order to avoid waste and excess stock. As a company we are aware of the environmental impact that our production decisions may have, so we are particularly interested in the conservation and care of the environment.

In Baltibañas we offer an innovative product that stands out in its quality-price ratio, we are a company open to our customers, so we take action on every opinion and suggestion we receive from them.

We stand out for our good customer service, from the reception of orders, consultations and the efficiency and speed of our delivery service.

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